AVDS, the Solution to IP Scanning Headaches

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AVDS: IP Scanning for High Value, Growing or Distributed Networks

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IP Scanning Getting to be a Chore?

IP scanners are great - up to a point. That point is when your network reaches a critical size, your assets have acquired a critical value or your company, industry or Uncle Sam has set new compliance requirements that your freebee tools just can't handle. AVDS is a step up into the corporate vulnerability assessment and management arena, but with the simplicity you used to get with your favorite IP scanner.

Running Multiple IP Scanning Tools is a Pain

Everyone has a half dozen IP scanners sitting around and if your network is small and you have time to configure and run multiple tools and then compare often contradictory results, great. Got a somewhat complicated network and need mission critical reporting that is accurate and easy to produce? Time to find out more about AVDS.

When a Basic IP Scan is Just Not Enough

The environment our networks live in is getting way too 'interesting'. On top of having many things you want to do, compliance requirements are coming to your network soon (if you aren't already coping with them). You need a single, solid, common sense solution to find and handle the really nasty vulnerabilities when they happen.

An IP Scanner with PCI Compliance Included

Got credit card data? Every installed AVDS system comes with PCI compliance reporting at no extra cost. Beyond Security is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor and AVDS is the tool we use to produce compliance reports. So run AVDS to do your routine IP scanning, keep a clean network and breeze through PCI compliance requirements.

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