Active Network Scanning

Active Network Scanning to Eliminate High Risk Vulnerabilities

AVDS (Automated Vulnerability Detection System) does active network scanning of internal and external hosts on your network. Active network scanning means scanning frequently enough to quickly find newly introduced or newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Keeping Up With New Vulnerability Discoveries

With an average of 310 new operating system and application vulnerabilities announced each and every month the need to do active network scanning is essential. An automated, frequently used vulnerability assessment and management solution is your best option for the elimination of corporate network vulnerabililties.

The Enterprise now needs proactive network scanning to keep up with internal changes and external developments. AVDS allows This may require up to daily frequency due to the increasing complexity of vulnerabilities and the speed at which they can now be exploited, and should be performed as a specialized service.

With the increasing complexity of networks, the number of vulnerabilities being discovered daily, the speed at which exploits can launch malicious code and the ease of installation of rogue devices, performing vulnerability and network security assessments annually, bi-annually or even quarterly is no longer a viable risk mitigation strategy.

Similarly, the challenge of staying up to date with the current vulnerabilities is now a specialist task. It should now be assigned to a dedicated solution capable of updating automatically for new threats and scanning periodically based on a predefined schedule.

Beyond Security has taken vulnerability scanning to the next level - developing a new way to approach this important task by providing it as an Automated Scanning solution based on a highly powerful management tool.

Can I liken this new concept to protecting your home? Many homes install burglar alarm systems.

A system that will provide an alert or will report back to a control room, when an attempted intrusion to your home occurs or after it has happened. At that point the security company responds to the immediate threat.

Imagine if the security company was able to send someone over to your house proactively - to actually physically check to make sure your doors and windows are locked and your home is secure and not under any risk of attack - every day or even every hour. In the real world, this is not economically possible but in the online, network world, it now is.

Beyond Security's AVDS performs a comprehensive regular vulnerability assessment on the network and produces a detailed report that contains:

  • An Executive Summary of the vulnerabilities found
  • A Comprehensive list of all vulnerabilities discovered
  • A wide range of solutions to those vulnerabilities
  • The list of all simulated attacks performed.

While Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems still play an important role, doing an active network scanning - on both your internal and external networks - for the latest vulnerabilities every day or even every hour, brings your network protection to a new level.

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