AVDS Case Studies

Vulnerability Assessment Case Studies


A Real-Time View of a Very Large Network

How large? How about nearly two hundred thousand employees spanning 120 countries. Manual configuration of security scanning for a company of such breadth put Accenture's security team behind the curve. Add in audits and the sometimes conflicting priorities of IT security, compliance, and legal department demands and you had a recipe for chaos. AVDS automated, consolidated and prioritized Accenture's security efforts and put their security team back into command and control.


VA/VM for Hundreds of Client Networks

Business Process Outsourcers are faced with managing hundreds of isolated networks that have no common architecture and share no equipment or application standards. Clients cross all industries and often have proprietary software. Topping it off are the different compliance and regulatory standards that each must meet. See how SOURCECORP uses AVDS to tame this 'wild west' security situation and see why they dumped other VA/VM solutions as being too cumbersome.


Vulnerability Assessment Across 650 Business Units

The corporate headquarters of Illinois Tool Works Inc. orchestrates the diverse activities of 650 decentralized business units employing 49,000 men and women in 45 countries. Their highly decentralized IT operation and very small corporate IT staff uses AVDS to maintain security over a VPN consisting of thousands of servers on several continents.

University Hospital of Brussels

Secure Records for 400,000 patients a year

Securing a healthcare IT infrastructure consisting of 150 servers, 2.000 terminals and hundreds of applications is not an easy job. In Belgium, where healthcare records have been electronic for years and where security standards meet or exceed US HIPPA standards the job is indeed challenging. UZB chose AVDS for its scalability, accuracy and safety.

Australian Government NCA

Opening Access and Tightening Security

The National Capital Authority provides complex modeling and mapping information. Moving access to that information online is vital to its mandate. Wider access to network resources, gradually tightening security requirements and simultaneously shrinking budgets made vulnerability assessment and management that much more challenging. Here's how one government organization solved this nearly universal problem with AVDS.

TU Delft

Replacing Nessus to Reduce Costs

A major technical university with 15,000 students and contracts in high technology and aerospace research uses scanning to keep its network secure enough to satisfy the demands of industry and government and yet open enough to satisfy inventive students. Here's how they do it and why AVDS replaced Nessus to get the job done.

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Beyond Security

ist ein zugelassener Scanning-Anbieter für die Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Testen von Webanwendungen

Entdecken Sie Sicherheitsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit Webanwendungen, Websites und den zugehörigen Anlagen und Datenbanken.