Beyond Security's CEO To Speak at India's Largest Security Conference

Beyond Security's CEO To Speak at India's Largest Security Conference

Sunnyvale, November 11, 2009

Beyond Security's CEO, Mr. Aviram Jenik, has been invited to speak at the largest network security conference held to date in India. The conference, to be held on Nov 17th through Nov 20th near Delhi, is drawing leading Information Security professionals from all over the world.

Aviram's first presentation, 'How to Blackbox Test Almost Anything', addresses how to detect and correct weaknesses in products and applications before they are discovered and used by hackers.

"Taking over your iphone with an SMS message. Running code on Oracle server using just a browser. Creating a PDF file that contains a hidden Trojan horse. Causing ATM machines to spit out unlimited cash. These types of security weaknesses are discovered all the time and it seems that just about any device that runs code can be hacked", said Aviram. "But how are those hacks discovered? And most importantly: How can we detect weaknesses in our own products and applications so that we can fix them before the "bad guys" get there? Answer: by using the same tools the bad guys do."

His presentation will talk about the performing security testing without needing the source code, whether it is software, hardware, appliances or remote services. Blackbox testing by "fuzzing" will be highlighted. It is the technique of choice used by the 'black hat' hackers and is credited for uncovering most of the security holes that are discovered today.

Aviram will also present: 'Testing JSON Applications for Security Holes'. This presentation will level the playing field by demonstrating how to test JSON application using a fuzzing framework - enabling JSON developers to find those tricky bugs and fix them before they become hacker prey.

Beyond Security will be co-sponsoring the Leadership Summit 2009, an elite gathering of 200 technology leaders, decision makers & InfoSec experts from leading service providers, government agencies and various industry verticals. There will be two hours of panel discussions incorporating three panels of 12 distinguished industry experts representing outsourcing companies, service providers and the regulatory bodies. Panel discussions will be followed by networking dinner & cocktails.

About Securitybyte & OWASP AppSec Asia Conference 2009
The Conference will deliver current and relevant technical information for Security professionals and developers. It will also provide opportunities for industry leaders, corporate decision makers, academics, and government officials to exchange ideas on technology trends and best practices. Speakers representing the security industry, Indian and International government policy makers, ethical hackers, academic scholars and researchers from the information security arena will present and discuss global security concerns. The focus will be on new research findings, attacks & countermeasures, security strategies and tools. For more information see:

About Beyond Security
Beyond Security develops leading vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management solutions that facilitate network, server, database, web site and application security. The company was founded in 1999 by the founders of SecuriTeam portal (, a leading source for vulnerability alerts and solutions serving 1.5 million monthly page views to IT security professionals. Beyond Security's founders are great believers in automation, which is why the company sells tools instead of using them to provide services. Beyond Security's goal is to decrease the number of security holes in products to manageable levels and empower software vendors to release secure products.

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