Privacy Policies of Beyond Security

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security go hand-in-hand. We respect your right to privacy, and we totally oppose SPAM (unsolicited e-mail). Therefore, we never transfer, sell, or give access to users' personal information to any third party.

The Mailing List

We do not give any information about our subscribers, partial or full. All the information about them remains private and protected. Our e-mail advisories do not contain cookies, web bugs or any other intrusive technologies that can be used to identify the user.

Our newsletters and informational emails sent to our list include a single click, no questions asked ask-off link.

External Links

Our website has no paid links. It does have many links to many external sites, and we cannot be responsible for their actions. Please exercise caution when visiting external links.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement, please let us know:

Mehr Informationen

Beyond Security

ist ein zugelassener Scanning-Anbieter für die Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Testen von Webanwendungen

Entdecken Sie Sicherheitsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit Webanwendungen, Websites und den zugehörigen Anlagen und Datenbanken.