Vulnerability Scanner Features

WSSA Features

Web Site and Web Application Testing That Will Reveal Code, Operating System, Server and Firewall Risks.

Easy To Set Up

Just give us your domain name and email address and WSSA will audit your web site code, applications, firewall AND the servers that host your site. There is no software to download, script to install or equipment to purchase. At the completion of each scan we will provide a complete report of the risks we discovered - ranked according to their severity - and recommend actions you, your host or technical staff need to take to eliminate them.

Fastest Report Delivery

Get your reports fast. Use our automated sign up and get your web site scan started now and completed within 24 hours.

More about WSSA

For Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management, see AVDS.
For Software Security Testing, see beSTORM.

Choose the Scan Frequency You Need: Monthly, Weekly or Daily

Included in Basic Service is one scan a week which is suitable for blogs or sites that do not have credit card processing . For sites that process payment transactions or collect confidential information from site visitors we recommend Standard or Advanced Services and a daily scan.

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Increase Sales with a Beyond Security Seal for Your Site

Let your customers know how hard you work to ensure their safety and security. Gain their confidence and increase your sales by installing the Beyond Security seal early in the checkout process and on any pages that request customer data. Get the seal with Standard or Advanced Service levels.

Thorough Scanning of Your Site, Web Servers and Firewall:

In addition to testing your pages for Remote File Inclusion, Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, PHP/ASP Code Injection, Directory Traversal and File Disclosure, we'll test over 5,000 families of vulnerability and run thousands of tests on your server. We'll test your site, firewall and servers beyond the level required for PCI Compliance.

New Risk Updates Daily

Our security team has decades of cumulative experience and we host the world's most frequently used reference site in the field of internet and network security: We are often the first to discover new vulnerabilities and are known as a source of early risk alerts within the security industry. We incorporate newly discovered issues into the WSSA test database and with each scan you will be notified of any new risks.

False Positive Prevention

Some commonly found combinations of software and hardware can appear to have a high risk even when none exist. WSSA will perform extra checks to prevent false reporting of risks that don't actually exist.

Risk Solution Recommendations

WSSA provides you and your tech team with specific recommendations that will resolve issues that are discovered. Recommendations may include code revision, settings changes, software updates and operating system patches. Save time on researching for solutions and know that the actions you take will handle the risks we have discovered.

Complete, Actionable Reports

Our online, interactive reports include an overview for executives to measure progress made in reducing risks. And for the technical staff we provide links to more information about each risk and links to equipment vendor sites for updates and patches.

Security Risk Alerts by Email

Receive an email alert when a scan reveals a new security risk on your site or equipment. New risks are discovered and tests to discover them are added to the WSSA test database often, so your daily scan will occasionally reveal settings or patches that may have been okay yesterday, but now need attention.

24/7 Unlimited Phone Support

Call either our US toll free number or UK number and reach a security specialist, day or night. We're here to provide the support you may need to put issue resolution recommendations into action.

New Vulnerability Alerts

Keep up to date on the international security scene with our email alerts. When new hacks are devised and implemented anywhere in the world, our staff will be the first to know. Even if a new vulnerability doesn't affect you now, your familiarity with new developments will help you stay ahead of the game.

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Beyond Security

ist ein zugelassener Scanning-Anbieter für die Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Testen von Webanwendungen

Entdecken Sie Sicherheitsprobleme im Zusammenhang mit Webanwendungen, Websites und den zugehörigen Anlagen und Datenbanken.